How to Convert ODT to DOCX Online

This tutorial shares how to convert ODT to DOCX online using your web browser. Using the free web app given under the steps will help you convert ODT to DOCX quickly and easily without needing any additional software or tool.

Steps to Convert ODT to DOCX Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop ODT file in the widget
  2. The output DOCX format is selected automatically
  3. Click Convert to convert ODT to DOCX file type
  4. Click Download to get the converted DOCX file

App to Convert ODT to DOCX Free

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The ODT file type is a word processing document which stands for OpenDocument Text format. Micrsoft Word can create or read such documents. However, some people are more interested to work with DOCX format. The main reason is their internal systems only accept DOCX format, or they need features which are only supported by DOCX file type. So in such scenarios it is very handy to use our above steps and free app to convert an OpenDocument Text format to DOCX format online and make the life easy for yourself.

However, when you have a Word document template which you have to convert to DOCX format then you can use Convert DOTX to DOCX app and tutorial.