How to Convert DOTX to DOCX Online

The steps give in this tutorial explains how to convert DOTX to DOCX online. The steps are simple and can be quickly done using a web browser in order to convert DOTX to DOCX online for free.

Steps to Convert DOTX to DOCX Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop DOTX file using the widget
  2. The resultant DOCX file format is automatically selected
  3. Click Convert to convert template DOTX to DOCX file type
  4. Click Download to save the converted DOCX file locally

App to Convert DOTX to DOCX using Web Browser

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Above app helps you convert DOTX file format to DOCX file type easily if you follow above simple steps. Once the file is converted to DOCX, you can simply download the output file for later use. The DOTX is a template format of Microsoft Word. In the Microsoft Word 2007 version and above, the DOTX template is recommended.

On the other hand, if you want to Convert DOT to PDF, please try the linked free app and tutorial.