How to Add Watermark to Word Document Online

This tutorial shows you how to add watermark to Word document online using free app. The app helps you watermark Word document online quickly and easily. You can add either text watermark or image watermark to a DOCX or DOC file.

Steps to Add Watermark to Word Document Online

  1. Upload Word file (DOC or DOCX) to the app
  2. Or drag and drop the Word document
  3. Choose watermark type as Text or Image
  4. In case of text watermark, select text color
  5. In case of image watermark, browse the image file
  6. Click Watermark to add watermark to Word file
  7. Get the watermarked Word output by clicking download button

App to Add Watermark to Word File

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The watermark is added to a document to ensure the validity of the file and this is usually required due to legal reasons. In such cases, it’s always quick and easy to watermark word document online using the app like above. It works regarless of the operating system or browser you use.

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