How to Password Protect Excel File Online - Encrypt Excel File

This step by step tutorial shows you how to password protect Excel file online using free app. When you add password to Excel, you can encrypt Excel file with the help of this web app. This will work for both XLSX and XLS files.

Steps to Password Protect Excel File Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop a XLSX or XLS file into the app
  2. Input Excel password in the Password text field
  3. Click Protect to add password to Excel file
  4. Download the encrypted XLSX or XLS file by clicking download

App to Encrypt Excel File with Password

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The financial information contained in Excel files is sensitive data for the organizations and individuals. It’s important to keep that data secure. The best way to secure this data is to encrypt Excel file online. You can add password to Excel file to encrypt it and then in order to reopen the same file, you’ll have to enter the password again and decrypt the Excel file.

This free web app helps you secure an Excel file online using your browser on any operating system. You don’t need to install Microsoft Excel or any additional software. Just upload the file, input the password, and download the encrypted output file.

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