How to Insert Watermark in Excel Online - Draft Watermark Excel

This shows you how to insert watermark in Excel online. You can also add watermark to Excel using this free online app. In order to make sure that the file is authentic, it’s important to add watermark to an Excel file. This is even more important as these files mostly contain financial data and we don’t want the information to be authentic.

Steps to Insert Watermark in Excel Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop the Excel file to the app
  2. Select Text or Image Excel watermark type
  3. If you selected Text then input text and select color
  4. If you selected Image then browse the watermark image
  5. Click Watermark to insert watermark in Excel file
  6. Get the watermarked Excel output by clicking download button

App to Watermark Excel File

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You can also draft watermark Excel file online using this app with the help of text Draft or reciprocal image. This app supports both text and image watermark types, so it’s up to you that which option to want to go with.

If you’re interested to remove comments from Excel file you can use our free app and step by step tutorial.