How to Convert XLSX to CSV Online

In this quick tutorial you’ll understand how to convert XLSX to CSV online in a few simple steps and a free web app. The process to convert XLSX to CSV using a web browser is very quick and easy. By uploading the XLSX input file, you can get the output CSV file in seconds.

Steps to Convert XLSX to CSV Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop an XLSX file into the online widget
  2. The output CSV file format is selected by default
  3. Click Convert to convert XLSX to CSV file
  4. Download converted CSV file by clicking Download button

App to Convert XLSX to CSV Online

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The CSV format stands for Comma Separated Values is a text format which is more compatible across multiple multiple platforms and software. When converting XLSX to CSV the app converts the spreadsheet records to comma separated values which you can process using any other application etc. The above app and setps can do this conversion in seconds and for free using just web browser.

If you want to convert XLSX to XLS you can do that by using our step by step convert XLSX to XLS online tutorial and free app.