How to Convert XLSX to XLS Online

This step by step tutorial shows you how to convert XLSX to XLS online using a web app. The XLSX to XLS online conversion can be done for free using a web browser. The output XLS file can be downloaded locally.

Steps to Convert XLSX to XLS Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop an XLSX file into the app
  2. The output file format XLS is automatically selected
  3. Click Convert to convert XLSX to XLS file
  4. Download converted XLS file by clicking Download button

App to Convert XLSX to XLS Online

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The XLS format is an older Excel file foramt which was introduced before XLSX. However, in some situations you might need this older format to use at your end. For example, if you have a legacy software which uses this old format or some other reason. No matter what the reason, you can easily convert XLSX to XLS using the above free app and a few simple steps.

No need for any expensive software or service. Just use the free online web app to perform this conversion in seconds and use the output file.

Converting XLSX to PDF is equally simple and using using convert XLSX to PDF online free app with simple steps.