How to Compress PPTX Online - Compress PowerPoint

You can reduce size of PowerPoint online with the help of this free app. You’ll also understand how to compress PPTX online by following the steps. You can compress PPT presentation as well.

Steps to Compress PPTX Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop a PPTX or PPT file to the app
  2. Choose from Low, Medium, or High presentation compression levels
  3. Click Compress to compress PPT presentation
  4. Download compressed PPTX or PPT file using download button

App to Reduce PowerPoint File Size Online

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When you want to communicate presentations across different team members via email or other online mediums, you often need to reduce size of PowerPoint presentations. The app above can help you compress PowerPoint file for free via web browser on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.

If you want to make sure that the validity of the document is ensured in the transfer and collaboration, you can add signature in PowerPoint presentation using this free app.