How to Add Signature in PowerPoint Presentation Online

This tutorial helps you learn how to add signature in powerpoint presentation online and sign presentation with the help of free web app online. The authenticity of a PowerPoint presentation is an important matter. Just like the real world documents are authenticated with the help of a signature, a presentation can also be signed online with the help of this free web app.

Steps to Add Signature in PowerPoint Presentation Online

  1. Upload PPTX or PPT file to be signed in the app
  2. Select Text or Image signature type for presentation
  3. Input text, in case of Text signature type
  4. Input image, in case of Image signature type
  5. Click Sign to digitally sign PPTX file
  6. Get the signed presentation file by clicking download button

App to Sign Presentation File Online

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Digitally signing PowerPoint presentations online is a good way to ensure the autheticity of the presentation files. This app provides the facility to esign PPTX or PPT files. With the help of this widget, you can easily insert signature in PowerPoint slides.

A related option to ensure security and authenticity of presentations is to add watermark to PowerPoint presentation online.