How to Convert RTF to DOCX Online

This guide shares the simple steps to show how to convert RTF to DOCX online. Along with the steps, an app widget helps you convert RTF to DOCX in your browser on any machine in a few seconds. No heavy software required for this conversion.

Steps to Convert RTF to DOCX Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop RTF file in the app
  2. The output DOCX file type is selected automatically
  3. Click Convert in order to convert RTF to DOCX format
  4. Click Download to download the output DOCX file

App to Convert RTF to DOCX in Browser

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The RTF format which stands for Rich Text Format is a better version of .TXT format as it provides more than text encoding and allows to add graphics objects in the file. Still, it is not as comprehensive with regards to formating as a DOCX file format is. That’s why people often want to convert RTF to DOCX format for further editing or to use in their existing software and systems. The above app and steps help you do this conversion in no time.

If, on the other hand, you have a text file which you want to convert to DOCX format then use our free app to Convert TXT to DOCX and achieve your goal.