How to Password Protect Word Document Online

In this tutorial, you’ll understand how to password protect Word document online with the help of this free app. The password can be applied to DOCX and DOC file using simple and easy steps. The app will simply encrypt Word document with the password of your choice.

Steps to Password Protect Word Document Online

  1. Browse a Word document (DOC or DOCX) in the app
  2. Alternatively, drag and drop the Word file in the widget
  3. Input password in the Password text field
  4. Click Protect to add password to Word document
  5. Download the protected DOCX or DOC file by clicking download

App to Encrypt word Document Online

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If your Word document has sensitive information which you want to protect then the best option is to encrypt it using a password. This free online app helps you put a password on a Word document using your browser on Windows, Linux or Mac etc.

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