How to Convert DOCX to EPUB Online

The following steps quickly show you how to convert DOCX to EPUB online. The EPUB is an ebook format. Along with the popularity of the ebooks, it is a must to have some format which is easy to use on different types of devices, screens, and e-readers. The EPUB format is one such format. If you have your ebook or transcript in Word DOCX format then you can easily convert DOCX to EPUB online using the following free web app.

Steps to Convert DOCX to EPUB Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop DOCX file in the widget
  2. The output file format EPUB is selected automatically
  3. Click Convert to convert DOCX to EPUB file
  4. Download converted EPUB file using Download button

App to Convert DOCX to EPUB

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In order to convert your free ebook to EPUB format, you do not require an expensive software or a service. This is all possible using our free online app. You just focus on your work of writing your book or transcript and let the online app convert DOCX to EPUB in a few seconds.

If you instead want to get your document as text for some further processing then you can convert DOCX to TXT online with the help of our other free app.