How to Convert DOC to DOCX Online

This tutorial will guide you how to convert DOC to DOCX online for free. The app widget used in this tutorial will let you convert DOC to DOCX using your web browser regardless of your operating system. Just follow a couple of steps, you can easily convert the DOC file.

Steps to Convert DOC to DOCX Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop DOC file in the app
  2. The output DOCX file format is auto selected
  3. Click Convert to start converting DOC to DOCX
  4. Click Download to save converted DOCX file

App to Convert DOC to DOCX in Web Browser

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The above steps and the widget help you create a DOCX file from an input DOC file. The DOC file format is the older Word document file format which was used with Microsoft Word 97 to Microsoft Word 2003. However, latest Microsoft Word versions prefer DOCX. So users might need to convert their legacy DOC files to DOCX format. This can now be done freely online using just your web browser.

If you want to convert DOCX to PDF format then you can use our other free step by step tutorial and app.