How to Merge Excel Files Online - Combine Excel

This guide explains how to merge Excel files online for free and provides app to combine Excel files. You can combine multiple XLSX files to a single XLSX file online.

Steps to Merge Excel Files Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop Excels files in the online app
  2. Merge the files into a single XLSX file or choose other format
  3. Click Merge to merge Excel spreadsheets
  4. Click Download to save merged XLSX file locally

App to Combine Excel Files for Free

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It’s a common requirement to join multiple Excel files into a single file. When you work on separate spreadsheets or multiple coworkers to individual files and then want to join these files together then this free app can help you merge those Excel files online for free.

You can either combine them into a single output XLSX file or you can choose a different output file format as well, for example a PDF format to send the file across.

If you want to remove all comments from Excel file before sending or merging, then you can do that using our free app as well.