How to Secure Presentation Online - Password Protect PPTX

This step by step guide elaborates how to secure presentation online using free app. Using this free web app, you can password protect PPTX and encrypt presentations. This can be done with both PPTX or PPT type presentations.

Steps to Secure Presentation Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop a PPTX or PPT file into the app
  2. Input PPTX password in the Password text field
  3. Click Protect to secure PowerPoint presentation
  4. Download the encrypted PPTX or PPT file by clicking download

App to Password Protect PPTX or PPT

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The presentation files contain sensitive information like launch of a new product, or plans for the next quarter or yearly plans. Such presentations should be procted with the help of a password.

The password helps you encrypt PowerPoint presentations which can only be decrypted by providing the same password as input. This way no unauthorized person can get access to the sensitive information from the presentation.

This free app helps you secure presentation online from within your browser on any operating system like Windows, Mac or Linux etc.

It is also a good habit to remove comments from PowerPoint presentation when you’re done editing and for that you can use our other free online app from the link.