How to Merge PDF Files Online - Combine PDF

This tutorial explains how to merge PDF files online. This also contains the free app which helps you merge PDF files.

Steps to Merge PDF Files Online

  1. Drag and drop PDF files in the online app
  2. Two or more PDF files can be uploaded to merge into one
  3. Merged output format is PDF, but you can choose different one
  4. Click Merge to merge pdf files
  5. Click Download to save merged PDF file locally

App to Combine PDF Files for Free

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The above app works as a PDF joiner which helps you combine PDFs into one output file. This can be helpful in scenarios where multiple official documents are in PDF format, but you have to keep or send those documents as a single file.

This can also be useful in situations when multiple separate chapters in PDF format needs to be combined to a single PDF book.

On the other hand, if you want to combine Word documents then check our app to merge DOCX files online.