How to Convert PDF to Word Online - PDF to DOCX

This app helps you convert PDF to Word online. The steps in this topic also guide you how to convert PDF to Word online for free.

Steps to Convert PDF to Word Online

  1. Upload a single PDF file into the widget
  2. Alternatively, drag and drop PDF file into the app
  3. The output file format is DOCX
  4. Click Convert to convert PDF to Word file
  5. Download converted Word file by clicking Download button

App to Convert PDF to DOCX

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If you want to edit a PDF file as a Word document then it’s very handy to convert PDF to DOCX online using the free app like above and then edit the document. The PDF files are more portable format, while the Word documents are good to edit the contents. This app makes conversion from PDF to Word quite easy and quick.

The reverse is also possible by using our DOCX to PDF converter app online.