How to Add Watermark to PDF Online

This guide explains how to add watermark to PDF online using free app. The app helps you put watermark on PDF file using your browser. The PDF files are most transferred across teams and organizations being a portable format. That’s why it’s important to ensure the authenticity of the PDF file with the help of a watermark.

Steps to Add Watermark to PDF Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop the PDF file to the app
  2. Select Text or Image watermark type
  3. If Text option is selected then input text and select color
  4. If Image option is selected then browse the watermark image
  5. Click Watermark to add watermark to PDF file
  6. Get the watermarked PDF output by clicking download button

App to Watermark PDF File

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Ensuring validity of a PDF document is important when you share official documents, specially the legal documents like EULAs or others. Once you put watermark on PDF, you ensure this validity. And this can be achieved easily and quickly using the above free online app. This can be done using your web browser on any system including Windows, Linux, or Mac etc.

You can either add text or image watermark on the PDF file. The process is same. In case of text watermark, you need to input the text and select the text color, while in case of image watermark, you need to upload the watermark image by simply browsing the image file.

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