How to Merge PS Files Online for Free

In this simple and easy tutorial, you’ll understand how to merge PS Files online for free. PS is the file format for Adobe PostScript documents. PostScript is a page description language used mainly in desktop publishing to create documents for printing. PS files are typically used for vector-based graphics, such as logos, illustrations, and charts. They can also be used for text documents. If you desire to combine PS Files then the same can be achieved by using this free app.

Steps to Merge PS Files Online

  1. Upload or drag and drop multiple PS files in the online widget
  2. Select output file type from the list
  3. Click Merge to combine PS Files
  4. Download merged PS file by clicking Download button

App to Merge PS Files Online

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The steps and app shown above enables you to merge PS Files online. You simply have to input PS files and download merged output PS file.

The above PS Files Merger can be utilized online utilizing browser on any platform.

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