WMZ File Info - What is a WMZ File Format?

What is WMZ file format?

The WMZ file format is associated with Windows Media Player, a media player application developed by Microsoft. Specifically, WMZ files are used to store skins or visual themes for Windows Media Player. Skins or themes in this context refer to the graphical interface elements, such as the player’s appearance, buttons, background, and other visual elements

WMZ File Info

WMZ files are compressed archives created with the Windows Media Compression tool. They are used to store audio and video files for playback on Windows Media Player. WMZ files can be opened with Windows Media Player, other media players, and a variety of file archiving software.

What does WMZ file format stand for?

WMZ file format is used by Windows Media Player.

Software, Tool, or Editor used to Create WMZ File

A WMZ file is a Microsoft Windows Metafile (WMF) compressed using the zlib compression algorithm. You can use Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Expression Design, or Microsoft Expression Blend to create a WMZ file.

Software, Tool, or Editor used to Open WMZ File

A WMZ file can be opened using Microsoft Paint or any other image editing software that supports the Windows Metafile (WMF) format. Additionally, some web browsers may be able to open and view WMZ files, such as Google Chrome.

License Type of WMZ File Format

The WMZ file format is owned by Microsoft Corporation and is licensed under the Microsoft Office Binary File Format License Agreement.

Usage of WMZ File Format

  1. Customizing Windows Media Player: WMZ files are used to customize the appearance of Windows Media Player (WMP) by changing its visual theme or skin. Users can apply different WMZ skins to personalize the player’s look and feel.

  2. Enhancing User Experience: WMZ files allow users to improve their experience with WMP by choosing skins that match their preferences and aesthetics. This customization can make using the media player more enjoyable.

  3. Branding and Promotion: Organizations and brands can create custom WMZ skins to brand WMP with their logos, colors, and visual elements, providing a consistent look for media playback on their websites or promotional materials.

  4. Entertainment and Fun: WMZ skins are not only practical but can also be fun. Users can choose creative and entertaining skins that add a playful or artistic touch to their media player.

  5. Visual Accessibility: Some WMZ skins are designed with accessibility in mind, offering visual enhancements or adjustments that can make Windows Media Player more user-friendly for individuals with specific needs or preferences.

Strucutre of a WMZ File Extension

  1. File Header: Contains information about the data contained in the file, such as its size and type.

  2. Data Blocks: Contains the actual data stored in the file.

  3. File Footer: Contains a checksum used to validate the integrity of the file.

History of WMZ Format

The WMZ file format is a compressed file format used by Microsoft Windows Media Player. It was developed in 1998 as part of the Windows Media suite of products. The WMZ file format is based on the Windows Media Video (WMV) format, and is used to store compressed video and audio streams in a single file.

WMZ files are typically used to store streaming media content, such as video and audio files. They are also commonly used for downloading and playing online multimedia content, including videos, music files, and even software programs.

The WMZ file format is a proprietary format and is not supported by all media players. It is, however, supported by Windows Media Player, and can be opened and played on

Future of WMZ Format

The future of WMZ file format is uncertain. Microsoft has not released any information on the future of the format, and no plans have been revealed. It is likely that the format will continue to be used in some capacity, as it is utilized by many applications and is still supported by Microsoft. However, as the technology evolves, it is possible that the format may be phased out in favor of newer and more efficient formats.

Operations Performed on WMZ File Format

To view and perform all the operations on WMZ files, Check these free online WMZ web apps