SXC File Info - What is a SXC File Format?

What is SXC file format?

SXC is a file format used by It is used to save spreadsheet documents created using the Calc application. SXC files are based on the OpenDocument XML-based file format and can be opened with other apps that support the OpenDocument format, such as Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

SXC File Info

SXC files are spreadsheets created with OpenOffice’s Calc program. They store data in a tabular format in a single worksheet, and can be opened, edited, and saved in other spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel. SXC files are saved as a compressed XML file, so they can be opened with any text editor or XML editor.

What does SXC file format stand for?

SXC s simply a file extension used by Calc.

Software, Tool, or Editor used to Create SXC File

An SXC file can be created using OpenOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel.

Software, Tool, or Editor used to Open SXC File

OpenOffice Calc is a free software tool that can be used to open and view SXC files. It can be downloaded from the Apache Open Office website. Microsoft Excel can also be used to open this file format.

License Type of SXC File Format

The .SXC file format is not proprietary, and it doesn’t have a specific entity or organization that owns its license. Instead, .SXC files are associated with the OpenDocument Format (ODF), which is an open standard for office documents. ODF is maintained and developed by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), a nonprofit consortium that focuses on developing open standards for information and content.

Usage of SXC File Format

  1. Creating Spreadsheets
  2. Financial Analysis
  3. Project Management
  4. Data Presentation
  5. Inventory Management

Strucutre of a SXC File Extension

  1. Metadata
  2. Styles and Formatting
  3. Content
  4. Sheets and Worksheets
  5. Charts and Graphs
  6. Embedded Objects
  7. Settings and Preferences
  8. Macros (Optional)
  9. Links and References
  10. XML-Based Content

History of SXC Format

SXC is a spreadsheet file format developed by the German software company StarDivision. The file format was initially released in 1988 with the release of StarCalc 1.0, the first version of StarDivision’s spreadsheet software. It was introduced as an alternative to existing spreadsheet formats and was designed to be more efficient and user friendly.

SXC was designed to be highly compatible with existing spreadsheet formats, such as Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Excel. Its structure was based on the data structure of the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet software, which allowed for easy conversion of spreadsheets between the two programs.

In 1997, StarDivision was acquired by Sun Microsystems. The SXC

Future of SXC Format

The future of SXC file format looks bright. SXC (Spreadsheet XML format) is an open source file format for storing spreadsheets. It is an alternative to proprietary spreadsheet formats like Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc. SXC is designed to be easy to use and is supported by a wide range of applications. It is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons, including its flexibility, portability, and compatibility across multiple platforms. As more people become familiar with SXC, its use is likely to increase. SXC is also an excellent choice for sharing spreadsheets between different operating systems, as it is an open source format. The future of SXC looks promising, as more applications support it and more people use it to

Operations Performed on SXC File Format

To view and perform all the operations on SXC files, Check these free online SXC web apps