PPS File Info - What is a PPS File Format?

What is PPS file format?

A PPS file is a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show file. It is a file format used by Microsoft PowerPoint to store a presentation created using PowerPoint. PPS files are used to store presentations that can be opened and viewed in Slide Show mode, but cannot be edited.

PPS File Info

A PPS file is a Microsoft PowerPoint Show file created by Microsoft PowerPoint, a presentation program used to create slide-show style presentations. PPS files are used to store a slideshow created by PowerPoint. They contain references to the slides, which are stored in the associated .PPT file. PPS files can be opened and viewed in PowerPoint or other presentation software.

What does PPS file format stand for?

PPS stands for PowerPoint Slide Show.

Software, Tool, or Editor used to Create PPS File

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most common software used to create PPS files. Other programs that can create PPS files are OpenOffice.org and Google Slides.

Software, Tool, or Editor used to Open PPS File

Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to open a PPS file. Other software programs that can open a PPS file include OpenOffice Impress, Google Slides, Apple Keynote, and Corel Presentations.

License Type of PPS File Format

The PPS file format is owned and licensed by Microsoft Corporation. It uses the Microsoft proprietary license.

Usage of PPS File Format

  1. To store PowerPoint presentations
  2. For exchanging presentations over the internet
  3. To save presentations as backup
  4. As a template for new presentations
  5. To create self-running presentations with multimedia content

Strucutre of a PPS File Extension

  1. File Header: Contains information about the file, such as the file type, file size, and its creator.
  2. Slide Information: Contains the number of slides in the presentation, their layout, and the timings for each slide.
  3. Slide Objects: Contains the text, images, drawing objects, and animation objects that make up the slides.
  4. Slide Notes: Contains the notes for each slide.
  5. Slide Transition Effects: Contains the transition effects to be used when transitioning between slides.
  6. Slide Backgrounds: Contains the background images and colors for each slide.
  7. Slide Sound Effects: Contains the sound effects to be used when transitioning between slides.
  8. Slide Master: Contains the slide master, which is the information that is shared across all slides and defines the default formatting of the slides.
  9. Font Table: Contains the information about the fonts used in the presentation.
  10. Slide Show Settings: Contains the settings for the slide show, such as the duration of each slide and any additional settings.

History of PPS Format

The PPS file format was initially introduced by Microsoft in the late 1990s with the release of the PowerPoint 97 presentation software. It was designed to enable users to quickly open a presentation without having to wait for the application to start up and load the file. This allowed for faster access to presentations and increased productivity for users.

Since then, the PPS file format has become increasingly popular and is now used by many different applications across a variety of operating systems. It is also used as the default format for email attachments in Outlook and other Microsoft applications.

The PPS format has a highly compressed file size, which makes it ideal for sharing large presentations with others via email. It also has the capacity to store animations, transitions,

Future of PPS Format

The future of the PPS file format is uncertain. Microsoft has discontinued support for the format, so it is unlikely to be used for new documents or presentations. However, it is still supported by some other software applications, and can still be used to view existing presentations. It is also possible that the PPS format may be used in the future to create interactive presentations with features such as animations, transitions, and audio.

Operations Performed on PPS File Format

To view and perform all the operations on PPS files, Check these free online PPS web apps